SDGs Declaration


・UN What is SDGs ?

・About Kirei

SDGs is nickname of 17 goals from the UN .
The officia
l name is from SUSTAINABLE
the first alphabets.
Difference from traditional goals is that aims
to be sustainable and achieve until 2030.
That pupose is to eliminate world poverty.

Sugihan Corp dramatically improves the sanitary
environment around the world and achieve
the Sustainable Development Goals!
We believe can save many lifes by Improving
of sanitary environment prevents many infectious diseases.

 Spreading Kirei around the world
1. Improve sanitary environment dramatically
※Prevent infectious diseases
2. Open the sanitary lesson from supporting
3. Helping maintain a sanitary by lesson

・About achievement of SDGs

Sadly , there are many parts of the world that people can only go to elementary school.

Will be held classes on “Sanitation, clean water, and gender differences” in elementary schools that encourages endless human resources to learn effectively.

We help to improve the sanitary environment in the target area by giving simple lectures on the gender with examples of how to maintain a clean sanitary environment, clean water, and a toilet seat cleaning function.



In areas where it is difficult or impossible to sell feminine hygiene products from religious reasons, we will contribute to the dramatic improvement of women’s sanitary hygiene environment by promoting the Kirei bidet function.

There are also many countries in the world where it is difficult to sell and purchase sanitary products from religious reasons, and where men and women toilet are not separated.

By opening gender education classes in the countries where Kirei is installed, we provide accurate knowledge of gender and contribute to helping to control sexual crimes.


By promoting the using washing function for bottoms and women-friendly bidet , we will stop local washing style with polluted water in tank left for a long period of time.

Further , chaginging washing style will help prevent infectious diseases.

In addition, by teaching to the local people how to install and maintenance , we promote the maintaing of their sanitary environment.


Influence unlimited human resources by promoting Kirei to maintain a sanitary environment and supporting to schools.

By reducing the risk of infectious diseases to unlimited human resources by promotion Kirei to around the world and contribute to dramatically improving the hygiene environment.

We realize ” Sustainable Cities and Communites”.


We will be actively involved with the local companies to teach sanitation and how to install of Kirei.

After that ,shower toilet seats will be able to install by themselves.

We contribute to maintain a clean and sanitary environment by giving instructions on how to install and maintain toilet seats.
Beacause after project ,shower toilet seats will be able to install by themselves.

In addition, we advertise the projects by our Website, performing as lecturers in SDGs study sessions and workshops for making companies of promoting SDGs.