Non electrical shower toilet seat Kirei debut in A-Z Akune , Kagoshima,Japan

Kirei sales start in A-Z Akune , Kagoshima ,Japan


Non electrical shower toilet seat Kirei SG-001(Water pressure type) is deployed by A-Z Akune , Kagoshima ,Japan.

You can purchase Kirei products in Japan already!

About Homedepot A-Z Akune

A-Z is a super center produced by Makio in Kagoshima Prefecture. The first store was the Akune , which started handling non-electrical shower toilet seats at this time. (Established at March 1997 in Akune City, Kagoshima )

In 1997, it became the second largest 24-hour store in Japan, commonly known as A-Z.

Strongest local ally, A-Z

The three strong points of A-Z Akune are (1) largest store, (2) 24-hour operation (3) wide product handling.


Guitars, Bass……

It’s like a general department store!!!

Details of AーZ Akune


Address:2210 Akase-gawa, Akune city,Kagoshima,Japan
Web site :


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