SDGs Goal6 Supporting project in PINEDA 2019

From Sunday, 29th September , 2019
Located in Pasig City, Philippines

I have done construction and opening class
as an SDGs support project with the Japanese flag!


※My staffs for installation of Kirei


※By Internet

Address:Banaag, Pasig, 1600 Metro Manila, Philippines
Characteristic:6 floors school building
Pupils:About 1,900persons
Noted:Public and Low

What most surprised me during the construction that
English skills of children

From 1st grade to 4th grade, their English skill was still unfamiliar,
but when they become a 6th grade, some children can speak English more than me!!

I was so surprised again by the Filipino English skills.

It was a too hard tasks, and it seemed like these could break
my heart many times,however, being healed by the wonderful
smiles of children, so that is why , I was able to
finish the support projects finally.

■Detail of PINEDA project

This project was made by 4 contents
①replace of every toilet seats
②installation of drinking water systems
③Revival of ruined farm
④Opening class of Hygiene

30th , Sep , 2019<1st>

First of all, I checked there were Non-electrical shower toilet seats Kirei ,
the import laws was suddenly changed by
Philippines goverment at 22 ,September.


There is a local washing culture with handgun in the Philippines but is not washing culture with shower toilet seat

They had so many curious, including the principal and other teachers also.

1st , Oct , 2019<2nd>

Only the toilet seats on all floors have been replaced.

During construction,
I received a lot of questions from children interested to me

「What is your name?」

「Where are you from?」

「What are you doing??」

「Are you Korean?」

Surprisingly, everyone didn’t know the Japanese flag.

2nd , Oct , 2019 <3rd>

Finally, I have replaced all the toilet seats.
Next, remove the hose connected to the stop cock
after that connect to the toilet seat.

However, the screw is rusty like the toilet seat,
it’s hard to come off.
Construction was too hard so we had to use tools.

3rd , Oct ,2019<4th>


I have done instllation of toilet seat on all the floors and connected the hose,
but for some reasons the water only supplys on the 2nd and 4th floors,
checked the master stop cock and the water piping.

Water piping professional said under

「Is water pressure too low to use the cleaning function?」

I disappointed that ….

4th , Oct , 2019<5th>

Although it was a installed non electrical shower toilet seats,
there is no water supply by some reasons.

Wash the various issues, in order to find reasons,
I checked Master cock, water pressure, stop cock …

The cause was unknown, but I decided to replace all the stop cocks
for revival water supply!

5th , Oct , 2019<6th>

In spite of professional opinion, I decided to replace the all stop cocks .
Remaining construction on Saturday…

The trouble is that the piping is too much old,
for exsample , when removing the stop cocks, it has deteriorated too much ,
so often broke from the root.

These leave extra screws in the piping.

The stop cocks cannot be installed immediately,
we had to cut and repeated mounting.

These were too much harder than anything

And the construction in the Philippines is too much worst, because
tighten the stop cocks all the way and hit the wall
and interferes with the hose.

It was necessary to work while breaking the wall little by little

It took a lot of time and additional costs,
but finally , the result of replacing the all stop cocks,
the washing function can be used on all floors finally!!

7th , Oct ,2019<8th>

Finally, we had held opening class for SDGs and Hygiene.

Sing a song by Pupils,
Crap hands…..

It was so awesome!!!


Next is 14 th Nov at PINEDA Elementary School for
doing a hand-over ceremony!

we can meet the warm smiles of the students again,
that make me so happy!!!

■Meaning of representation from Japan

Rugby and valley ball are timely topics

Wearing with the national flag of Japan,I didn’t even dream.

The representative team is selected by someone
but our uniform was given the national flag by us .
Of course I know that flags weights are completly different.

However, even this project is small,
it was a business conducted on behalf of Japan.

I feel honored to be involved in this project.

In Japan today, the economy is going down and happiness is declining.
However, Japan is definitely one of the richest and happest countries in the world.
I re-recognized this time.

Looking at the children who are poor but work hard with a nice smile!
Protecting this smile is our duty!!
I strongly reaffirmed.

Sugihan are going to contribute to awsome world by SDGs and promotion of Kirei!!

■Special thanks






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