Shower toilet seat of Non electrical type for using Myanmar

Can use Non electric shower seat in Myanmar

Simple is the Best

The shower toilet seat have to use Electric
in the Bathroom so far.

·Wanna use In the property you purchased
· Wanna use a shower toilet seat at homestay

But can not use it because there is no power supply
and no permission for construction · ·

‘Want to use shower toilet seat!‘
In the world
without power supply!
Never mind!!!
 Kirei was born from such a voice .
Not only washing Bottom function, 
women friendly Bidet washing is equiped by Hydraulic also!

Because of the wash water is supplied
by the force of water pressure,
no electricity
charge is required!Anywhere in the Myanmar,

Kirei realize a comfortable life from now.

■Image of using Kirei

No power supply, only hydraulic  for “cleaning function”








Simple to using

Tilt the Knob forward=「Washing bottom」
Tilt the Knob behind=Women friendly「Washing bidet」

■Using movie


■Installable of toilet bowl

Can use V style and U style toilet bowl

As the first condition to install
Sugihan non-power type shower toilet seat

· A toilet with a nut tightening from the bottom
· Nut hole spacing is 136 to 174 mm
※You can use it almost all over the world  Also can not be installed

· There is no stopcock
· Flush valve etc

In the above cases, construction by a specialist is required

■How is the Myanmar environment of around the water?

Myanmar`s Hotel toilet water surroundings are
as follows seems under

 From the stopcock, tank and gun
(hand shower) are connected

■Easy installation by yourself!

Installation method is also very easy!

1st.Close the Red stopcock


Tighten the stopcock in red circle is
for stopping supplying water.

2nd. Drain the tank water twice and empty it
After that We will install toilet seat !


■How to install Kirei

■How to order Kirei

When you are requesting
the non-powered shower toilet seat,
please contact the us from the inquiry

Mailing to Japan is also possible.

For home using, souvenirs!
Contact us


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