Non electrical type


Simple equipment with only truly used functions

The shower toilet seat have to use Electric
in the Bathroom so far.

‘Want to use shower toilet seat in the world
without power supply!
Kirei was born from such a voice .

Not only washing Bottom function,
women friendly
Bidet washing is equiped by Hydraulic also!

Because of the wash water is supplied
by the force of water pressure,

no electricity charge is required!

Anywhere in the world,
Kirei realize a comfortable life from now!

Point 1

Only hydraulic  for “cleaning function


Because only water pressure is required
for using washing function

Washing function can be used as long as water is passed
* There are some exceptions

Point 2

Simple to using

Tilit the lever farward = 「Washing bottom
Tilit the lever behind= 「Washing bidet
※Women friendly


Adjustable washing puressure by lever
for both Bottom and Bidet

Point 3

Can be used in hard water areas
※By maintenance

※List of accessories


A filter is installed on water supply hose and branch 

When washing water stops running,
the washing function is restored by cleaning the filter

Point 4

↓Check the how to install by Movie↓

Someone I wana recommend this


①Those who want a shower toilet seat with 0 running cost

②A single-living apartment with no power supply in the bath room

③Those who move overseas or study abroad

④All families for disaster prevention


①Christmas, wedding gifts, family gifts

②Those who move overseas

③Muslim women

④Property owners such as condominiums

⑤Hotel owners

⑥Souvenirs for homestays