Electrical type


Available Japanese technology anywhere

Want to use shower toilet seat in the world
with warm washing water and warm seat!

Kirei was born from such a voice .

Not only washing Bottom function,
women friendly Bidet washing is equiped 

Anywhere in the world,
Kirei realize a comfortable Japanese technology !

Point 1

Realize a comfortable Japanese technology

Worldwide outlets are available,
and the voltage is also.

* Arrangement outlet shape and voltage
are from minimum of 400 lots

Point 2

Simple to using

Tilit the lever farward = Washing bottom
Tilit the lever behind= Washing bidet
※Women friendly


Adjustable washing puressure by lever for both Bottom and Bidet


Point 3

Can be used in hard water areas
※By maintenance

※List of accessories

A filter is installed on the water supply hose and branch 

When washing water stops running,
the washing function is restored by cleaning the filter

Point 4

↓Check the how to install by Movie↓
* The installation method is the same as the non-electrical shower toilet seat
(other than plugging into an outlet)

Point 5

↓Promotion Video↓

Someone I want to recommend this

nt a shower toilet seat with 0 running cost


①Those who want a shower toilet seat with 0 running cost

②A single-living apartment with no power supply in the bath room

③Those who move overseas or study abroad

④All families for disaster prevention


①Christmas, wedding gifts, family gifts

②Those who move overseas

③Muslim women

④Property owners such as condominiums

⑤Hotel owners

⑥Souvenirs for homestays