1st Kani Supporting project

On 24th December , 2020, we donated Mathematic sets to the BARA classroom . This project was a joint project of Sugihan Corp, Takumi Co., Ltd., and ALFA LIFE Co., Ltd. located in Kani City, Gifu Prefecture.

<Kani City BARA Classroom Supporting Project 1st>
■ Details
Destination: BARA Classroom Dota
Content: Donating Mathematic sets free of charge

* What is BARA Classroom Dota?
A preparatory school that educates foreign registered children free of charge Japanese language and customs for 3 months before going to school

<Project destination>
① BARA classroom Dota
Address: 3795-3 Dota, Kani City, Gifu Prefecture
Students: Case by case

* Scene of Presenting the gifts by Hiroki Sugiyama ,CEO , the founder of Sugihan Corp

■Background to this business

Initially, We palaned supporting project to be carried out by a big other organization , but since no approval was obtained, it was carried out as a joint project of three volunteer companies.

■What is Kani area?

The Kani have been supported by the automobile industry and local manufacturing companies.
This area is a rare local city in Japan that has achieved population growth and economic development by foreign immigrants , in spite of the ultra-low birthrate and aging population.

However, due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, the number of immigrants has decreased sharply and the population has decreased. It is difficult for even fewer imigrant children to have the same learning opportunities as the Japanese.

Because they run into the barriers of purchasing mathmatics sets and school jerseys and uniforms, which are unique to Japan.

■In progress of establishment work of School uniforms jerseys bank on Website

M (anagement) S (tudy) G (roup) in K (ani)

MSGK management study group was established by three volunteer companies that carried out this support project. We are creating a Website for establishing a [School uniforms Jerseies Bank] to collect free of charge now.

Thank you for your support.

Sugihan Corporation
CEO Hiroki Sugiyama


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