SDGs Supporting project in Cambodia 2020

From 28th October to 28th November, 2020, we have done SDGs Goal 6 support project in Preah Vihear Village, Preah Vihear Province, Cambodia , by the request of ENAUSYS Co., Ltd. located in Suwa, Nagano Pre.

This support project was the first support project after Sugihan Corp approved the use of the Japan Logo Mark from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Supporting Cambodia ~Daily Is Money Project~

■ Details
[Country] Preah Vihear Province, Kingdom of Cambodia

[Contents] Installed flushing toilet system and produced high quality organic fertilizer

[Supporting] Export of human waste tanks and necessary equipments and English-Japanese interpretation

①Hunsen Srahkdol Primary School(Elementary)
Address :ECO-Village,Sra En Commune,Choam Ksan District,Preah Vihear

➁Srahkdol Secondary School(Junior High)
Address :Same

By influence of the coronavirus, it was not possible to visit and was a new trial to carry out construction completely by instructing and supervising work by online.

■Daily Is Money Contens

①Exporting human waste recycling toilet tank and items

②Installed flushing toilet system and produced high quality organic fertilizer

③Installed Moringa farm by using high quality organic fertilizer

④Installed Chiken farm

24th September,2020~28th October,2020


The first plan was to export from Takamatsu Port to Sihanouk Port in Cambodia, but by the reduced number of export ships, we had to change the export port to Kobe Port.


28th October,2020~18th November,2020


About 700 students go to school, but the toilets were not flush and the students were using nature toilet where there is no gap between women and men. Construction started from the toilet for the purpose of improving hygiene and knowledge.




<Toilet wall>


<Human waste recycling toilet tank>



<Moringa and Chiken farm>



<Helping us by students and parents>

<Cut down>


<Working scene>

<Remote controller>

<Solar panels>



9th November,2020

<Sanitary Class>

In Preah Vihear, where the radio wave condition is too much poor, it was not possible to teach while playing youtube during class. As a countermeasure, we created a hand-washing / gargle video in advance and sent it to the teacher to conduct a hygiene class remotely.



The construction period was one month, remote construction ended.
In this support project, Sugihan Corp has helped four things.

① Selection and arrangement of exports and export work
➁ Duty free processing at Cambodia customs clearance
③ Fine coordination with the Cambodian Preah Vihear government
④ Japanese ⇔ English simple interpreter

Since it was the first remote construction, we got so various troubles, but were able to complete all the construction safely by dealing with them one by one. We hope that this support project will dramatically improve the sanitary environment in Cambodia and protect the Canvodian people from the threat of the new coronavirus.




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