Effectiveness of Non electrical shower toilet seats Kirei anti Virus

Recommended genital & bottom wash with water

Corona is bringing crisis around the world.
Let’s overcome this crisis regardless of nationality, age and gender.

One for all, All for one!

This word was team theme that Japan Rugby National Team have given hope and dreams to Japan last year.

Unfortunately, the coronavirus has no silver bullet.

However, hand washing and gargling can be done by yourself worldwide.
Corona`s most terrible part is complications .

Sugihan has decided to deliver the Kirei to individuals by express home delivery.
EX) Fedex, DHL, etc.

Although it is not the most effective for corona, but Kirei can be expected prevents Virus.
①Washing the genitals and bottom with water
②Closing the toilet lid

Please contact us via the contact form of Sugihan Website.
Japanese and English are available.

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Regarding the price, we will offer a special price for individuals only.
Please contact us for more details.

Payment can be used by credit card with Paypal.

We hope our products can help peple around the world.

Sugihan Corporation
CEO Hiroki Sugiyama


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