SDGs Supporting project@PINEDA by Sugihan Corp

■ Have participated in a ceremony

We`ve participated Ceremony because were invited
to the ceremony from PINEDA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Philippines.



Address:Banaag, Pasig, 1600 Metro Manila, Philippines
Characteristics:A six-storied building
Number of students:About 1,900
Characteristics:Public & Low income zone

■About last supporting project

This projects are specializing in SDGs Goal6
(water and sanitation) at elementary school in Pasig City.

So far, PINEDA Elementary School has purchased
all drinking water,further toilet hygiene environment was too bad.

■Amazing change

When we visited school for inspection,
there was too much bad smell on all floors.

But at this time,
Sanitary environment was so cleaned and
there was no bad smell.

Toilet cleaning was drained with water only,however,
has changed dramatically by using a mop
and soap for cleaning environment .

※School staff

※After hygiene education, no filth stays in the toilet

■Passionate welcome

When we participated in a support project ceremony,
security guards students have escorted us like a VIP.

Not only students,their parents participated also.
I was able to feel the high interest and to this project .

■National anthem

This is the most memorable moment.

I`ve participated in various events so far,
but it was my first experience
that Japanese national anthem was played for us

Everything was rewarded when I saw this sight.

■Welcome dance by students

※Philippines traditional dance

※Kinder garden students


As a sign of friendship from Japan,
Sugihan created a donation board and gave to school.

■Award from PINEDA

Many organizations cooperated in this support project,
so that is why ,it was a realized.

In spite of that , School made me surprise,
because they awarded to me a letter of personally.

※Sugihan Corp. CEO/Hiroki Sugiyama

※Certificate of Appreciation to CEO

■Final tour of the Project

After ceremony,we`ve visited all floors
for inspection of project.

※English⇔Japanese CEO/Hiroki Sugiyama



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